On May 5th, we launched our first kickstarter campaign “grand opening of Air Bee & B-Line Farm”.

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Our Goals: We are to open an Air B&B style environment that doubles as an educational facility. Providing not only a safe and comfortable environment to relax and enjoy one’s stay, but to also bring individuals closer to nature and understanding what one can do in maximizing their yards’ potential. We believe that providing a center for self-stainable habitat could change people’s perceptions on what issues we have today with honey bees, organic food cultivation, as well as giving back not taking from nature.

Air Bee & B-Line Farm located in Luray, SC is the first of a 2 phase facilities project to take place in the Carolinas. Our idea is to not only provide food for honey bees, but also encourage our guests to interact closely with honey bees, discuss smart yard farming ideas, and enjoy the time in a small southern town.

We hope to engage people to observe honey bees and their behavior, to learn what to plant and grow, and to join the introductory workshop on Bee Queening and Bee Venom Apitherapy. This is a place that we want to give back to nature in giving honey bees a place to feed, pollinate, and to safely breed. Educating the public helps as to pay for reworking the land and supplying natural bee food as well as other costs of this facility.

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